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Believe this or not, this is going to sound like a DSW commercial but it isn’t. One day, after coming from a follow up from my cancer specialist in Manhattan, I was standing on the corner at Union Square waiting to cross the street to go to Filene’s Basement (so sad its gone now) when I looked down and I saw a woman wearing these shoes. No I didn’t steal them right off of her feet but I did go up to her and ask “Where did you get those shoes?!” She answered, “DSW.” I immediately headed to DSW right around the corner and started the hunt to no avail.  I sought out a sales person, who had to get a manager to find out that we had to special order the shoes. Now, three weeks later as the post man delivered a box from DSW, I have the shoes. Where have they taken me?  Probably Macy’s to the shoe department to buy more shoes on sale. These shoes have taken me today to showings on properties for my buyer prospects, have taken me out to lunch with Leah Platus from Wells Fargo, a listing appointment, another showing, and ultimately basket making at 1958 Victory Boulevard for the FJR Family Foundation Dinner on May 2nd, please join us in helping to “Protect One Young Heart at a Time”  http://www.frankjrealiiiifamilyfoundation.org/. Comment as you please.