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I started my day this morning by dropping my car off for service because even the idiot light didn’t go off when I ran out of gas. I then had an interview with Diane Lore Palladino with the Staten Island Advance, about my shoe blog. I had a great time talking with Diane about all of my shoes and taking many pictures. At 12:30, I’m holding a lunch and learn meeting with my agents to go over Showing Time (our new appointment call center), and Lead Router (an exclusive Better Homes & Gardens lead routing program- this enables us to get our agents with buyers in real time and set up follow up programs). Heading over to Menicucci & Villa’s office at 2:30 for a closing followed by a CMA later today in the lovely Fountains. Keep picking up the Staten Island Advance and checking The Shores section for the article that Diane interviewed me about today. Comment as you please. If you’re interested in a career in real estate, please call 718-420-2325.