I could not have put in a better ticketed item than the weather we had that evening- from the fire boat on the water with a magnificent water show to the wonderful tent overlooking the water and the Verrazano Bridge’s lights that twinkled like a beautiful pearl necklace in the clear night sky. The music was delightful throughout the cocktail hour and then we rocked the Alice Austen House, Staten Island NY, with an outstanding band. The dancers for Dancing with the Stars did an outstanding job. They kept us entertained, smiling and laughing throughout the evening.  Being a past performer, I understand what it was like to go through the grueling practices to prepare for the evening’s event. I was dressed in orange and white, with my lovely white shoes, as I sank in the mud on occasion since it rained earlier that day. Frank and I were seated with great people at the table with magnificent food by Framboise and we danced our legs off until almost midnight. My wonderful magic white shoes did not fail me. Comment as you please and remember it’s always a woman’s right to shoes! If you’re interested in a career in Real Estate, please call 718-420-2325.