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Since I discovered, while Frank was in the hospital, that the surgeons and their team don’t eat, I promised to bring them food on Friday and I delivered chicken cutlets. I took Frank with me to visit the staff and deliver the food because he got the OK from the doctor to do the stairs. He really is a strong and determined individual. Thank you everyone for your prayers, get well cards, and get well baskets and flowers, he is doing great. We really do appreciate it. As many of you know, or may not know, I am a designated Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and I had the pleasure of speaking in front of a group of seniors today at the JCC- letting them know their options for buying or selling. I’m making Frank a healthy, fat-free lunch now before I head out for an appointment with one of my homeowners and then some showings. Comment as you please and remember it is always a woman’s right to shoes! If you’re interested in a career in Real Estate, please call 718-420-2325.