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Good Afternoon everyone, starting to get back to a real routine and look what happened, my shoe closet threw up! Lol I guess I need to spend some time in my closet rearranging color by color by heel size and by season. No volunteers please; it’s a place where I go when I need to think about nothing else but SHOES. I am currently being honored on Sept 20th from the DaVinci Society at Wagner College for the work that we do to save families the grief of the loss of a child from a detectable heart problem, in the name of our son Frank who passed away from cardiac death April 29th 2007. The dinner is taking place at The Hilton Garden Inn and starts at 6:00PM. Our intention is not to be honored but to get the word out for all children between the age 12 and 14 to have baseline heart testing to avoid problems. Most recently out of 26 young girl softball players that were tested through the foundation (although it was offered to all 110 girls) 6 were found to have a heart problem unbeknownst to the family and 2 of them had heart surgery. Just imagine how different these families’ lives would be had this not been taken care of. Please keep your eyes peeled for the fundraising dinner arrangements for the next Frank J Reali III Family Foundation dinner so we can test more and more children free of charge.  Additionally, on September 22nd I will be a key note speaker at the Regina McGinn Education Center at the Staten Island University Hospital, speaking about a program called “Laughing at Life,” we could all always use a great laugh. Join us free of charge that morning at 10:00 AM; free reiki, free food, free free free, come and help yourself. But, most of all come and laugh with me. Comment as you please and remember it is always a woman’s right to shoes. If you’re interested in a career in Real Estate, please call 718-420-2325.