Happy Wednesday! As the cold weather continues to rear its head on our lovely Island, I won’t let it tell me what shoes I can wear, so today I chose my everywhere shoes! Who doesn’t have winter on their mind today? Cold weather conjures up thoughts of moving to warmer climates, if you can find a stable, warm climate in our world today.  This morning, I journeyed to the post office (what an adventure) to deliver two thousand oversized postcards to our surrounding neighbors. I followed with an impromptu meeting with two of my new sellers to discuss a move to that warmer climate I just mentioned. I’ll be picking up mom and taking her to run some errands, then back to the Office to aggravate Lucy and Laurie at the front desk about the full office company meeting at the Staaten Thursday evening.  Preparation frenzy!  While there, I’ll get set up for a showing on Egbert Avenue, then another showing on a home going up for auction today.  I’m Interviewing a new agent, and that reminds me,  if you are thinking about a career in real estate, consider us before making that final decision! I hope to have dinner with Frank, then off to the Westerleigh Improvement Society meeting at Emmanuel Union Church.  Then, hopefully, these boots will come off, pajamas will go on, my feet will go up, and maybe I’ll make it through an episode of NCIS. Remember, it’s always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!