Friday began at 8 a.m. with long conversations with Lucy, my right arm, over the next few crazy days of appointments, interviews and everything else in my calendar. I had a telephone meeting and conference call with TWC for a new program that we will announce shortly. Time to get moving, and my little black boots are just the thing to take me there. First stop, a meeting with a buyer/seller who I’ve known since he is a little boy. How can he be old enough to buy his own home? Makes me feel old. But enough of that, next I’m headed over to Westerleigh to talk with a homeowner about the marketing of their property, which happens to be beautiful. After I’ll be off to Great Kills for a back-up showing, then to Susan Wagner High school to watch my grandsons, Nick and Frank Reali, play  varsity basketball (their dad Frank would have been so proud). By 9:30 p.m., I’ll be dragging my sorry self home, kicking off my shoes, preserving my hair one more day so I don’t have to re-curl it (don’t tell anyone). I’ll kiss my love Frank goodnight, and sign off until tomorrow. See you all in my dreams, and remember, its always a woman’s right to shoes!