It’s Saturday at 7 a.m., and while the rest of you are shopping , cleaning, and chaperoning the kiddies to the day’s activities, I’m trying to figure out my shoes!  This morning I have a back up showing, followed by a regular property showing in Great Kills at 8:30. Back to the office to gather my presentation folders to show a property in Annadale, custom built for the current owner. Sound a intriguing? Call me at 718-442-5200 to schedule a viewing!  A bit of a break in between, so I’ll try and get something to eat before I take a lovely family out to see four more properties, taking me through to 4:30. In preparation for Sunday, I’m sitting crossed-leg (no shoes of course) on the couch, lol, readying for Sunday.

After a lovely mass and brunch with Frank on this warmish, wet Sunday, I’ll take a moment to skip through the puddles in my rain boots, (unless Lucy has filled up my book with more appointments), but not for long! I’m heading to New Jersey around 1 show my homeowner’s properties whose home I sold here on Staten Island. It promises to be a fun day seeing 10 properties in Bridgewater, Hillsboro, and Branchburg. We are out on an adventure that will take me into the evening. Let’s see what Monday brings, and remember, it’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes (and skip through the puddles!)