Wednesday was almost a partial day off. Almost! Early morning start, working with Lucy to search properties in Old Bridge and Freehold. I sent out information to investors and potential buyers on some investment properties, and dot-looped offer sheets to buyers for a presentation. Then, I got all gussied-up for lunch with my oldest and dearest friends from the first grade (P.S. 17). That’s over sixty years of friendships! I enjoyed a wonderful catch-up lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Bridgewater, NJ (midway point for all of us). Camille Grenito Mancuso, a native Staten Islander (married to Pete Mancuso), is an outstanding scratch baker and a columnist for her local newspaper in Bucks County PA, the Bucks County Herald. Iris Levine Accetola (married to now retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Albert Accetola), besides being an outstanding human being, was an RN at SIUH for a gazillion years. Camille Giovaniello Hoover, is a retired optician who has taken care of more eyeballs than I can count on a double-take. Together we make up what we call the “four secret,” a name we bestowed upon ourselves in the second grade. All the craziness we’ve been through has bonded us together stronger than Gorilla Glue. It’s amazing to me that you can sit down with three women in a booth, have a conversation about things from childhood through adulthood, and never miss a beat. I guess that’s the strength and value of having friends from the same generation. As Camille Mancuso would put it, we’ll be best buds from (practically) womb-to-tomb, or kinder-garden till our arteries harden. How lucky can one girl (me) get when she marries her best friend (Frank), and has three other best friends that she can rely on, who lend a shoulder to cry on, a youthful blush when we talk about private stuff, and a full belly laugh when it all gets confusing? I raise my bottle of Poland Springs water to the girls who know that what happens Cheesecake Factory, stays at Cheesecake Factory!

Please keep in mind from January 1 – March 30, Kiwanis is collecting gently used and new shoes (for both underprivileged adults and children). If you would like to be a part of this wonderful cause, please deliver them in plastic bags, rubber-banded in pairs, to 1958 Victory Boulevard, our Safari Real Estate Office. And remember, It’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!