Got invited to St. Theresa’s School for Career Day. I was one of the guest speakers, as was my husband Frank. He spoke about Stevedoring (the handling of containers on and off ships), and how the things you put on Facebook stay forever, even if you delete them. He encouraged the kids to be mindful of their posts, so when they have that all-important interview for the college of their choice, or a prospective employer, they don’t eliminate themselves because of social media.

I spoke about how I got involved in Real Estate, and while the kids asked questions, I threw Hershey Kisses at them, which made for a very lively discussion. The more they asked, the more we threw! We had a ton of fun.

While this was going on, our Foundation, “Protecting One Young Heart at a Time,” in honor of our son Frank, an alum of St. Theresa’s School , and a “1000 point” grammar school scorer. Out of the 30 8th grade students, 22 had an EKG and Echocardiogram free of charge through the Foundation. All in all, it was an outstanding Monday morning.

Right after that, we left St. Theresa’s, and I came home to brush my teeth for a visit with my wonderful dentist,  because when I had my breast cancer surgery last week, some of the enamel of my front tooth got shirred off from the intubation (yikes!!!) But as usual, Dr. Chris Bernadini, (on Old Town Road), allayed my fears, and took care of everything 1-2-3. From there, Frank took Frank and Nick to their Susan Wagner basketball home game for the Seniors. Frank and Nick, who are juniors, got to play as well. There was a beautiful presentation with flowers to the senior moms, accompanied by lots of crying, lots of tears of joy, and foreboding.

From there, Martha, my new “ride” since the surgery, picked me up and off we went to La Fontana on Amboy Road for our weekly meeting for Kiwanis. Our recent past President, Keith Cummings (of KCM Plumbing), was surprised with so many honors and accolades because of his dedication to the children of our community and to the Kiwanis mission. It was really a Keith Cummings night. Bleary eyed, I arrived home at 10:22 p.m., and I  crawled up the stairs to bed.

Please keep in mind from January 1 – March 30, Kiwanis is collecting gently used and new shoes (for both underprivileged adults and children). If you would like to be a part of this wonderful cause, please deliver them in plastic bags, rubber-banded in pairs, to 1958 Victory Boulevard, our Safari Real Estate Office. And remember, It’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!