5:15 wake-up call. I hit the snooze button and didn’t get up until 6.  I have zero willpower. The first Wednesday of every month is a “Wicked Wednesday.” Starting out with breakfast at 7 a.m. at Andrew’s Diner on Hylan Boulevard for the Staten Island Business Council meeting. I am grateful to be President of this auspicious group of 30+ business owners on Staten Island. So here’s my plug, if you are thinking about a networking group, please give us a call (718-442-5200) to see if your category is available. We’d love to have you!

By 9:30, I’m back at the office. This Wednesday from 9-12 I worked exclusively with Lucy to chart the next few months worth of activities. Poor Lucy. (A collective sigh for Lucy would be much appreciated.) A 1 p.m. conference call with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate to go over some of the new and exciting programs that will be announced to the sales team and the public over the next few months.

Unfortunately at 3 p.m., I’ll be heading over to Matthews Funeral Home for a friend who’s mom passed away.  Back to the office to bug Lucy and Samantha to get more Real Estate work done. Then I’ll be getting ready for not one, but two events this evening at LiGreci’s Staaten on Forest Avenue. First, I’ll be on the first floor for the Lieutenant Governor Donald Pagano, Metropolitan Division New York, District Kiwanis International’s forum on how we can address the rampant drug addiction problem on Staten Island. Then, at 6:45, on the 2nd floor of the Staaten, I will be joining the Soroptimist Group (women helping women) for the first time since June because of my breast cancer.

Please keep in mind from January 1 – March 30, Kiwanis is collecting gently used and new shoes (for both underprivileged adults and children). If you would like to be a part of this wonderful cause, please deliver them in plastic bags, rubber-banded in pairs, to 1958 Victory Boulevard, our Safari Real Estate Office. And remember, It’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!