imageIts 8 a.m., and I’m on my way to open up a home to meet a plumber to get heat turned on in a short sale property. Came back to the office and worked with Lucy on updating the buyer and listing presentation to keep them both current for today’s market. Frank ran out to the South Shore to meet a prospective buyer on another short sale while I worked with Lucy and did some brainstorming with a few of the agents in the office.

Many administrative tasks to do today! I called to confirm my follow-up surgical appointment for the end of the week, then reached out to the twenty-five families that came through Sunday’s Open-House at 25 Berglund Avenue, and finally, had shoes picked up from the office to be paired and packaged in preparation for the March 30th deadline.

I left the office to go to La Fontana on Amboy Road to meet with my fellow Kiwanians, where we had an outstanding meeting preparing for all of the great events taking place over the next few months, including Corned Beef and Cannoli’s! What a night that is. More details to follow, but its an event not to miss.

After the meeting I came home, had a cup of coffee with Frank, and the next thing I knew, it was morning.

Please keep in mind from January 1 – March 30, Kiwanis is collecting gently used and new shoes (for both underprivileged adults and children). If you would like to be a part of this wonderful cause, please deliver them in plastic bags, rubber-banded in pairs, to 1958 Victory Boulevard, our Safari Real Estate Office. And remember, It’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!