For those of you who are not in the know, today is national toothache day, pizza day, and bagel day! So if you eat too much pizza and bagels you might get a toothache, I guess.

Began at 8:30 a.m. with a meeting with two agents to review what they’ve done over the past week to assist them in being the best they can be.  After, I went to open up a house to meet with a cleaner and a plumber for one of my buyers. I returned to the office, had a lovely meeting that ended with me adding a new agent to the team, did some telephone work, and went to lunch with Frank. On the way to the restaurant, I answered about 15 text messages from the car, and negotiated some sales. While sitting in the restaurant, I listened to an employee reveal incredibly personal information while on her cell phone, complaining about not having her daughter and how she’s going to try and get her back, and how she needed to get all this information together now, because she had to go check-in for her shift. A lesson to be learned here… When you are on your cell phone, and you are talking about personal information, just because you are sitting in a corner does not mean that your voice doesn’t carry to everyone in close, and sometimes, not so close proximity to you. Yikes. That’s my PSA for the day!

I returned to the Office, sat down and worked for a while with Laurie at the front desk, then with Lucy to ensure that all the short sale packages were being sent out through the proper channels. I followed up on a few of the transactions I have pending, then had a small dinner with Frank. But my day isn’t over yet. I’m off to my first CB1 meeting since my Breast Cancer diagnosis.

Please keep in mind that through March 30, Kiwanis is collecting gently used and new shoes (for both underprivileged adults and children). If you would like to be a part of this wonderful cause, please deliver them in plastic bags, rubber-banded in pairs, to 1958 Victory Boulevard, our Safari Real Estate Office. And remember, It’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!