Hey out there in blog-land, if there is a shoe company, designer, or any other resource that would like to support Fran and her Shoe Du Jour habit, (since I’m bankrupting my poor husband), please reach out!

My Tuesday began with an early morning meeting with an accountability program with several of our agents. I cancelled appointments for two different showings due to the weather. But at 1:30, my rainboots DSC_0021took me to a showing on a large commercial piece of property, and then back to the office to work with Laurie and Lucy and to do a survey for Best of NYC.

At 4:30 its off with Frank to see our grandsons Frank and Nick Reali from Susan Wagner HS play basketball for a NYC playoff game. Then back to the office at 7 p.m. for a meeting with fifteen of our agents, including pizza dinner, as promised. My  customized training program is designed to assist them in helping their consumers have a better quality of life.

Remember friends, home is where your story begins, and at Safari Realty, we’d like to help you create that story.

Don’t forget about the Corned Beef and Cannoli on the 14th, and the Kiwanis shoe collection is still going strong! And remember, it’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!