Picked up Laurie, daughter of a snowbird, and also part of my front desk staff, and drove to Monroe Township, New Jersey to do a preliminary inspection of a magnificent home in an outstanding, luxurious, active adult community coming on the market shortly.  Gorgeous photos and expansive room measurements were taken. Ladies and Gentlemen get your sneakers on, this is going to be a GREAT show!

Came back to the office for a lovely lunch with Frank, put my legs up for a bit (to admire my great, quilted boots), and worked with Samantha and Stephanie to prepare 40 packages of information for the Young Professionals Group at Jade Island Bistro on New Dorp Lane. Safari Realty has been selected as one of the finalists for Best for NYC, thanks to the help of Megan Coolidge and Emlyn Crenshaw. I had the good fortune to be the second guest speaker for this event. I am thankful to Eric Campione, Project Manager for P.A.C Plumbing and Heating, for hosting the event, and for the chance to speak before the group. Some of the outstanding professionals I had the pleasure of meeting were Enrico Bawar, Financial Planner for the Advanced Planning Group of New York; Brian Benevento, Civil Court Coordinator for the New York Center for Interpersonal Development; Alex Berard, Owner and VP at Kiddie Academy; Mike and Nicole Bloomfield, President and Vice President at Tekie Geek; Chris Caggiano, Mortgage Broker and President of Grand Oaks Funding; Tony Fiore, Director of Regional Sales at NY Power Print; Andrea Guzman, Director of Fund Development and Communications at the YMCA; Mike Giaclone, Small Business Banker at Citibank, Andrew Kane, Sales Executive at Richmond County Ballbark; Mitchell Lowell, Assistant VP and Branch Manager for New Dorp at investors Bank; Kashif Pervez, Assistant VP and Branch Manager for Grasmere at investors Bank. If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful group, contact Sallyann Bartels, of Membership Services, at sbartels@sichamber.com.

After a wonderful meeting, I headed back to the Office to review my calendar for tomorrow. Doesn’t seem as though there will be a moment to spare.

Friends, please remember that Kiwanis is still collecting shoes for a wonderfully worthy cause. I appreciate all of your generous donations so far, but we need your help. Keep them coming! And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the “Corned Beef and Cannoli Dinner” on March 14. It will be a fun-filled evening benefitting such worthy causes.

Remember, It’s Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!