DSC_0013When most people think of Fran Reali (that’s me), they think Staten Island Real Estate and unwavering community involvement. But what some of you still may not know is we have established a strong foothold (thank goodness I have the shoes for it) in New Jersey! On Thursday, on the premise that we were shopping for an additional New Jersey location, I spent the morning and afternoon with Frank enjoying his company as we spent the day in the Garden State.It was a beautiful day to look at Real Estate, and it was nice to be on the other side of it, if only for a few hours.  We had a wonderful lunch at the Park Diner in Matawan, and the funny thing is that most people don’t realize how loudly they speak (judging from the booth behind each of us.) We heard stories about money owed to people from Canada for the past nine years, and an entire history of someone’s health issues and ailments. At one point I got a little upset stomach over the gastroenterologist’s findings. And unfortunately, neither of them left before we did, but it didn’t stop lunch from being great. Hopefully they don’t subscribe to my blog…lol.

Please keep in mind that Corned Beef and Cannolis is this Monday, March 14! Have you gotten your tickets?


Remember, Its Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!