DSC_0021Started the morning with a shoe pick-up in the pouring rain, the last one of the shoe drive, from a lovely woman over near Susan Wagner High School. From there, I came to the office and tried to catch up on some paperwork with Lucy and Laurie and go over the day’s tasks. Read through my book, so I could get my day set it my head, and drove over to Dr. Bernadini’s on Old Town Road for a 10 a.m. appointment. When that was over, I came back to the office to rest my poor mouth (literally)! No lunch for me after that visit.

At 1 p.m. I had a training meeting with one of my agents, then handled some real estate business, returned some calls, and connected with some of my homeowners. I took a few minutes to relax before heading over to Corned Beef and Cannolis with Frank. Even though I work this event, I really look forward to it, because it raises money for the Kiwanians and all they do.

Finally back home and ready to pass out on the couch. Good night, friends.