wing tips

Left the house at 6:20 to get to Andrew’s Diner on Hylan Boulevard to meet up with over 35 of our individual business owners. We have become a strong referral network and should really think about joining us, because everyone’s bottom line has increased since participating in this group. And even better, its not only about the money. We have become a wonderful family that not only helps each other out, but the community as well.

At 9:30, its back to the Office to list a very interesting property at 505 Britton Avenue with a commercial overlay that may be just the right spot of your business. Interested? Call us at 718-442-5200 to learn more about this unique opportunity.  I’m off to another part of Grasmere (right by the lake) to visit another listing that belongs to our agent Cindy, to help her out with some information. Off to lunch with Frank, then I meeting up with a couple of friends who wanted to know how I was feeing. As we chatted, the story turned to Grandma wings, and I shared the story of how when I was in the hospital, Guthy/Renker and Jayne Seymour got the best of me at three o’clock in the morning, with their product –  Crepe Erase. By the third night, I ordered it, maybe in my sleep deprivation…lol. Well, believe it or not, it works! I’m hooked on Crepe Erase and highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little tightening (and I do not get any residual checks, but maybe I should, so visit their website and tell them I sent you!)

After a few good laughs, its off to Arden Heights to show a property to a lovely lady.  I took my grandson with me to install some signs, which included “Under Contract” on Levitt and Arthur Kill Road, a “For Sale” sign on the new listing on Britton, followed by a visit to Verizon to get him a new phone. Ran over to Victory Boulevard for an hour-long open house on a lovely 3 bedroom apartment near the park, attended by nine prospective renters. Went to visit Dave at his new digs, and came home to find Frank had made me dinner. Could I love this man more?

Remember friends, its always a woman’s right to firmer skin, and shoes!