DSC_0066What a day! I began my morning with an accountability meeting at the Office with my wonderful staff, while Frank attended a meeting at SIBOR. After the meeting, I spent some time with mom, who I am excited to say is doing much better, and coming home tomorrow!

Back to the office to help one of my new agents with an offer presentation, then a meeting with two gentlemen from United Activities Unlimited to discuss the placement of interns in local offices. Met with Lucy and Laurie to plan out the rest of the week, including a group interview tomorrow for a part-time, permanent Front Desk Assistant position.

I hurried over to Manor Road to meet an appraiser, then back to the Office to finish assembling the candy boxes and prize wheel for the Bridal Expo at the Staten Island Hilton. What an honor it is to be the only Real Estate company on Staten Island to be invited to attend this wonderful networking opportunity. I met so many excited brides-to-be and their families. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.

A message to all those soon-to-be brides: Remember, its ALWAYS a woman’s right to shoes! bridal show table