Just two weeks to go before the 7th Annual Golf Classic in memory of our son, Frank J. Reali 3rd! Please friends, if you haven’t already, reach out to me at 718-420-2331. Frank and I have worked tirelessly to save other parents the grief from the loss of child due to Sudden Cardiac Death. Even if you aren’t a golfer, there are so many other ways to help us further this mission. Call us to find out how.


Back to business. Saturday was one of my busiest of the year so far, beginning  with early morning showings of investment properties to one of my buyers. I drove over to the office to finish up a listing on a great investment property in the heart of West Brighton. Watch for that one to hit the market on Monday! You won’t want to miss this one!

From there, I hurried over to my open house in Randall Manor. What a good turn-out for my homeowners. This is a lovely property that won’t be on the market long! Back to the office to do some work on my graphic novel, which I hope to have published by the end of 2016, and of course, endless Real Estate paperwork. Saturday evening, since Frank was in Pittsburgh with our grandsons for a tournament, I spent some alone time on the couch and fell asleep early. I’ll see you all in the morning! And remember, its always a woman’s right to shoes!


Sunday morning, and what a morning it is.  What a fabulous day to be working outdoors! Today I will be showing numerous investment properties to my buyer, and the weather just couldn’t be better. After a long day in and out of buildings of various size, I’ll be heading home to wait for Frank to get back from Pittsburgh with the boys.  While I wait, I’ll be meeting with some agents at the office to do some training.   Can’t wait for my love to come home. We’ve got a busy week ahead. Be sure to check my Facebook, Twitter, and Blog to keep yourself up to date!