There really are no words to express the feeling a parent has at the loss of a child, no matter what the age. With these past few days being the most difficult of the year for Frank and me, I’d like to take a moment to share what we do at the “Protecting One Young Heart at a Time Foundation,” in memory of our son, Frank J. Reali, 3rd.


Simply stated, at The Protecting One Young Heart at a Time Foundation, we raise money to  provide funds to schools for echocardiograms and other heart baseline testing for 8th graders, prior to their entry to entering high school sports.  The Foundation hopes to make this a part of the mandatory school physical, but for now, we are excited for any school that welcomes us to provide this service. On Staten Island, nearly 12% of children tested had an undetected heart issue.   In New York State, the number is frighteningly closer to 19%.local-lawmakers-from-street-renamings-to-a-bill-aimed-at-saving-lives-67cd231368284eae

To say it as plainly as we can, we need your support to continue our work. Our next event is this Friday, May 6, 2016. The Annual Golf Outing, in its 7th year, is our biggest fundraising event for the Foundation. Please help us help other families. What we do saves children’s lives.  Whether you sponsor a Tee, play a round of golf, enjoy the lovely dinner we have at the Grand Oaks immediately following the outing , or help in any other way you are able, it matters. Together, we can make a difference.


Much Love,

Fran and Frank Reali