What a week! First, we had the Golf Outing. What a wonderful event, even with the weather being so darn undecided all day. I was so pleased that so many golfers turned out to support our mission even with the unending threat of rain. Frankie must have been smiling down on us, because there was a break in the clouds long enough for them to hit the links. I was so pleased, and I know Frank was too.

The support of the community for this event has been overwhelming, and I’m so very grateful. To our wonderful sponsors, thank you for making the event such a success. To the dinner attendees, what fun we had! We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. We have such lovely photos to share over the next few days. Keep your eye out. I’m sure you’ll be in some!

Last Monday took me back to Staten Island University Hospital, now Northwell, for another breast cancer surgery. I was so confident that I’d be back in the office that same afternoon, so I had Laurie and Lucy fill up my schedule. Well that didn’t go as planned! I felt as though I had the wind knocked out of me, and needed a few days (at Frank’s insistence) to recover. Thankfully, I am feeling like my old self. I was back to work by the end of the week, and doing open houses on the weekend. You all know me, I only move in one direction, and that’s forward!

Remember, its always a woman’s right to shoes, though I’m not entirely sure how to slide my foot into this pair!