Orange You Glad I’m Back?


What a crazy few weeks its been.  I’m finally ready to show off my summer sandals, well at least one of them! You can’t keep the old mare down for long.

This has been an outstanding week, highlighted by front row seats at the Ringo Starr concert at the lovely St. George theater on Wednesday evening. I must apologize to my fellow Staten Islanders though. It seems I held up traffic exiting the garage for almost an hour while waiting outside for Frank to bring the car. While it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and receive your warm wishes, next time I will lurk in the shadows while I wait for my ride…lol.

So where did my shoe bring me? Where do I begin… I had the absolute pleasure of enjoying my husband Frank receive a “Thank You For Your Service” award from the Staten Island Museum. I’m so proud of all the work he does for them. I attended the AREAA Convention, which is the Asian Real Estate Association of America, as well as a CIPS class, which will allow me to help my clients buy and sell foreign properties.


How do I find time to do Real Estate? Well I do! I delivered the news, and an updated sign, to a homeowner whose property went into contract, and went on several showing and listing appointments.


We are doing a big push on Social Media, so if you haven’t connected with my business page on Facebook, please do it now by clicking here: BHGRE Safari Realty. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @SafariRealtySI. I am always posting interesting links about all things Staten Island, as well as new company listings, Staff additions, price improvements and so much more.

See you all online, and remember, Its Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes, even when its just one!






Now You See Me…

What a month! I know you’ve all missed me terribly, and while my shoe has been taking me far and wide, I’ve only been able to wear one of them!

Those of you that have seen me making my way around our beautiful Island know that I’ve  been wearing the most fashionable of medical boots, and I’m missing my summer sandals and heels terribly. Just a bit longer friends, and I’ll be back.

In the meantime, allow me to share this lovely memory of my beloved shoe collection. This photo was taken four years ago. Please check back soon, and remember, its always a woman’s right to shoes!I'm Famous!... Almost



There’s Something in My Shoe…


What a week! First, we had the Golf Outing. What a wonderful event, even with the weather being so darn undecided all day. I was so pleased that so many golfers turned out to support our mission even with the unending threat of rain. Frankie must have been smiling down on us, because there was a break in the clouds long enough for them to hit the links. I was so pleased, and I know Frank was too.

The support of the community for this event has been overwhelming, and I’m so very grateful. To our wonderful sponsors, thank you for making the event such a success. To the dinner attendees, what fun we had! We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. We have such lovely photos to share over the next few days. Keep your eye out. I’m sure you’ll be in some!

Last Monday took me back to Staten Island University Hospital, now Northwell, for another breast cancer surgery. I was so confident that I’d be back in the office that same afternoon, so I had Laurie and Lucy fill up my schedule. Well that didn’t go as planned! I felt as though I had the wind knocked out of me, and needed a few days (at Frank’s insistence) to recover. Thankfully, I am feeling like my old self. I was back to work by the end of the week, and doing open houses on the weekend. You all know me, I only move in one direction, and that’s forward!

Remember, its always a woman’s right to shoes, though I’m not entirely sure how to slide my foot into this pair!




To Golf or Not to Golf…


Today is the day friends, the 7th Annual Golf Classic in memory of our son, Frank J. Reali 3rd. It looks like there won’t be much shine today, but we are officially ON!

With Laurie at the Office holding down the fort, Lucy and so many other wonderfully dedicated staff will be helping with Registration, setting up the table of raffle baskets and the dozens of other details that go into an event of this size.

While I hoped I’d be leaving the office in spring-y shoes that you’d expect to be wearing on May 6, I’m going to have to settle for my leopard print rain boots. I have a feeling I’ll be walking in more puddles today than I will pavement!

Come on out to the Grand Oaks Country Club. Whether we actually get to golf or not, I promise everyone that attends a wonderful time. Lunch, cocktails, dinner and friends. Who could ask for more?

Love to all,

Fran and Frank Reali

Rain or Not, Here we Come!

Whimsical Wonders


Another grey morning, but maybe my happy yellow shoes will inspire some sunshine! Began my morning as I do every Wednesday, at Andrew’s Diner for the Staten Island Business Council meeting. This is a terrific group of business owners that really pull together to help everyone’s bottom line. I was pleased to bring a guest this week. I’m always excited for the opportunity to help this group grow.

After the meeting, I went back to the office to make some phone calls for the Golf Outing, and went over the day’s happenings with Lucy and Laurie. I am quite pleased to welcome Melissa to our Front Desk Team, who will be working the day shift at the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays alongside Lucy. Welcome Melissa! You couldn’t have come at a crazier time.

Though the Foundation is nearly all-consuming at this time of year, there is still the business of Real Estate to handle! So I’ll finish up the day showing one of my properties in Westerleigh, and another in Randall Manor. I’m feeling very lucky to be so busy.

Finally, I’m off to my Soroptimist meeting for my ten-year pin! I’m so very proud to be a part of this outstanding group of women, working to improve the lives of woman and girls in local communities throughout the world.


We are still debating Mother Nature over the weather, but rain or shine, we will be at the Grand Oaks Country Club on Friday, May 6. Hope you will be joining us, and remember, its Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!




Rain, Rain Go Away!!!


With the outing just two days away, I’m asking Mother Nature for a little help here. We’ve got over one hundred golfers ready to tee off on Friday, but there’s way too much rain in the forecast! But, rain or shine, we are golfing, unless the Grand Oaks Country Club issues a cancellation. Fingers crossed for a break in the clouds so we can have a great event.

Raffles are coming in and boy are they amazing! I can’t wait to share them with you tomorrow. But for now, I’ve got real estate business to deal with.

I began the morning showing several large commercial properties to an established business needing to relocate to a larger space. With such a large group in tow and many properties to see, this took me well into the afternoon. From there, I helped Frank set up for the quarterly company dinner meeting at the Staaten, which is always a fun and informative event for our staff. Frank and I had the pleasure of introducing new additions to our team, as well as giving out the Emerald Elite Sales Production Award from the BHGRE Corporate Office! Congratulations Cindy Cheung! We are so proud of you.

Frank & Cindy 2015 Emeral Elite Award Winner

Remember, its Always a  Woman’s Right to Shoes!



That One Young Heart

There really are no words to express the feeling a parent has at the loss of a child, no matter what the age. With these past few days being the most difficult of the year for Frank and me, I’d like to take a moment to share what we do at the “Protecting One Young Heart at a Time Foundation,” in memory of our son, Frank J. Reali, 3rd.


Simply stated, at The Protecting One Young Heart at a Time Foundation, we raise money to  provide funds to schools for echocardiograms and other heart baseline testing for 8th graders, prior to their entry to entering high school sports.  The Foundation hopes to make this a part of the mandatory school physical, but for now, we are excited for any school that welcomes us to provide this service. On Staten Island, nearly 12% of children tested had an undetected heart issue.   In New York State, the number is frighteningly closer to 19%.local-lawmakers-from-street-renamings-to-a-bill-aimed-at-saving-lives-67cd231368284eae

To say it as plainly as we can, we need your support to continue our work. Our next event is this Friday, May 6, 2016. The Annual Golf Outing, in its 7th year, is our biggest fundraising event for the Foundation. Please help us help other families. What we do saves children’s lives.  Whether you sponsor a Tee, play a round of golf, enjoy the lovely dinner we have at the Grand Oaks immediately following the outing , or help in any other way you are able, it matters. Together, we can make a difference.


Much Love,

Fran and Frank Reali


All-Weather Fran


What a day! With this being one of the last days I can wear these tiger booties, I’ll be taking full advantage before saying goodbye for the spring/summer season.

I’m beginning this Monday with several morning appointments before heading back to the office to get Lucy and Laurie on the same page with the goals for the week. I’m fortunate to have staff that supports me and my many missions, especially the one I’m focused on this week, which is the Annual Golf Classic in memory of our son, Frank J. Reali, 3rd. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m attaching the flyer again. Please share with your friends and family.


Back to business. And this afternoon’s business is a visit to the dentist, my most favorite thing to do, LOL. Then its  back to the office to meet with one of my buyers to get their offer signed and submitted. In this very low inventory market potential buyers are needing to make fast decisions, and having the right realtor can make all the difference! So if you are interested in buying or selling a home, feel free to call me at 718-442-5200.

And remember, its Always a Woman’s Right to Shoes!



Weekend Warrior

Just two weeks to go before the 7th Annual Golf Classic in memory of our son, Frank J. Reali 3rd! Please friends, if you haven’t already, reach out to me at 718-420-2331. Frank and I have worked tirelessly to save other parents the grief from the loss of child due to Sudden Cardiac Death. Even if you aren’t a golfer, there are so many other ways to help us further this mission. Call us to find out how.


Back to business. Saturday was one of my busiest of the year so far, beginning  with early morning showings of investment properties to one of my buyers. I drove over to the office to finish up a listing on a great investment property in the heart of West Brighton. Watch for that one to hit the market on Monday! You won’t want to miss this one!

From there, I hurried over to my open house in Randall Manor. What a good turn-out for my homeowners. This is a lovely property that won’t be on the market long! Back to the office to do some work on my graphic novel, which I hope to have published by the end of 2016, and of course, endless Real Estate paperwork. Saturday evening, since Frank was in Pittsburgh with our grandsons for a tournament, I spent some alone time on the couch and fell asleep early. I’ll see you all in the morning! And remember, its always a woman’s right to shoes!


Sunday morning, and what a morning it is.  What a fabulous day to be working outdoors! Today I will be showing numerous investment properties to my buyer, and the weather just couldn’t be better. After a long day in and out of buildings of various size, I’ll be heading home to wait for Frank to get back from Pittsburgh with the boys.  While I wait, I’ll be meeting with some agents at the office to do some training.   Can’t wait for my love to come home. We’ve got a busy week ahead. Be sure to check my Facebook, Twitter, and Blog to keep yourself up to date!

Here Comes the Bride

DSC_0066What a day! I began my morning with an accountability meeting at the Office with my wonderful staff, while Frank attended a meeting at SIBOR. After the meeting, I spent some time with mom, who I am excited to say is doing much better, and coming home tomorrow!

Back to the office to help one of my new agents with an offer presentation, then a meeting with two gentlemen from United Activities Unlimited to discuss the placement of interns in local offices. Met with Lucy and Laurie to plan out the rest of the week, including a group interview tomorrow for a part-time, permanent Front Desk Assistant position.

I hurried over to Manor Road to meet an appraiser, then back to the Office to finish assembling the candy boxes and prize wheel for the Bridal Expo at the Staten Island Hilton. What an honor it is to be the only Real Estate company on Staten Island to be invited to attend this wonderful networking opportunity. I met so many excited brides-to-be and their families. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.

A message to all those soon-to-be brides: Remember, its ALWAYS a woman’s right to shoes! bridal show table